The Property Nomads Expertcast Podcast – 101 Top Property Tips

101 Property Tips

Take a look at the recently published 101 Top Property Tips: Real-Life Practical Tips From Successful Investors, which is available to buy today.

Neil Scroxton contributed tip #17, Understand the relationship between project budget certainty and the relative position you are at within the project program. Tip #25, Don’t rely on free feasibility work to appraise your sites. Tip #56, Don’t fall for consultants who claim they have a ‘100% success rate. And finally, tip #73, Invest in a high-quality design team. The purpose of this podcast is so that people can learn from experts and not make the mistakes that others have made in property.

Whether you are just starting in property, or you are experienced or just have a random interest, there will be something in this podcast for you.

You will be able to find the book on Amazon at and also on the Kindle store too.


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