Are you aware that the Building and Development industry contributes 40% to carbon dioxide emissions globally?


Are you aware that the Building and Development industry contributes 40% to carbon dioxide emissions globally? At Scroxton & Partners we share the concerns of our clients and enjoy working with you to reduce your carbon footprint. We recommend you get involved now. For more detail, please read the article in full…

Developers can have an impact on reducing this figure but change will not happen overnight. Even the smallest contribution will help. There are permitted development rights in this country that allow for the installation of renewable energy technology without requiring any planning permissions.

It is possible to install solar PV or solar thermal equipment on homes, blocks of flats and buildings within their curtilages without needing planning permission. It is also possible to install standalone solar equipment in these areas along with ground-water-and air-sourced heat pumps in homes, blocks of flats and for the installation of flues to facilities that use combined heat, power and biomass systems.

Additionally, it is possible to install a wind turbine on domestic buildings and within curtilages as a stand-alone installation. There are restrictions on what can be done under a permitted development such as a height restriction of 11.1 metres and limits on how close to a boundary it can be. However, for non-domestic buildings, it is possible to install all the above, aside from air source heat pumps, but there are different restrictions on amounts and impacts with this.

Actions on climate change are required now and the planning system does facilitate the ability to install renewable energy systems without needing planning permission. This is only a fraction of what needs to be done Developers can make a change without having to go through the local planning authority beforehand. It’s better than nothing.

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