Dad knows best…

Having just witnessed the birth of my first born son and future top-scorer/captain at Northampton Saints, I cannot help but act the proud father and spread the news around as if I were the first to achieve the dizzy heights of advancing our species.

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Of course I am not. I am also not the first person to worry about providing for a family and I am not the first to want to see my boy grow up to do better than me and to live life to its fullest. I am sure I am not the first to realise that I don’t know everything I should to get a baby from now, to sliding
over the try-line as the Saint’s crowd roars with approval. So I need to ask for help from people that know better than I do.
There will be those militant parents who say that likening the parental instinct to running a business is a disgrace and “nothing like it”, but I’m sorry, I now do both and it is! We even use the terminology in everyday business conversation to describe a company as “your baby” because you care so much about it.

The duty of care for a business leader is akin to that of a parent and therefore wherever there is a gap in knowledge the best leaders ask for help. The best leaders drive the vision but acknowledge that they cannot do everything themselves. Realising the need for specialist support will not only take away stress, but will produce better results and provide more certainty in success.

Finding and trusting the right support throughout the duration of a project while providing the correct resource makes good business sense, just like it makes good pushy-parent sense. In 18 years’ time, when the crowd cheers, I know it will not be because I taught the best rugby player
ever. It will be because I accepted that I couldn’t train the best rugby player ever, but I could facilitate that training by getting the right help at the right time, assuming he doesn’t like football that is…

Anyway, Architects regularly advise other businesses on a range of decisions including purchases, sales and expansion and where we cannot advise ourselves, we can sign-post you to the right people that can.


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