Charlie's Project

Meet Charlie, our £30k giveaway, thank you for staying home winner. Complications in birth left Charlie lifeless upon arrival, after the longest night of Charlie’s parents lives he was resuscitated after 40 minutes. Unfortunately, the prolonged lack of oxygen left Charlie with severe brain damage (HIE). He now suffers from Cerebral palsy (moving very little and reliant on constant repositioning), Bulbar palsy (the inability to swallow and reliant on suctioning to maintain clear airways), Oxygen dependency, plus impaired sight and hearing as well as seizures. All of this has resulted in the need for 24/7 care. Aside from this, Charlie’s conditions mean he has a very weakened immune system and any virus or infection could be fatal, often leaving this lively family completely housebound.

Charlie’s family is looking to make the most of the disabled facilities grant and below’s story tells how we are helping them.

Getting the most out of a Disabled Facilities Grant

The Story Begins. This is the first video in an exciting project Scroxton & Partners are working on with Charlie and his family. Charlie’s birth changed his life and the lives of his family forever. Charlie currently requires a lot of medical equipment including oxygen tanks, suction machinery, feeding machines, positioning chairs and splints, and as he grows these needs and size of equipment will increase. This is not including the extra sensory stimuli that will be essential to help to develop Charlie’s brain functions for his best chance of a brighter future.

Charlie’s home is no longer viable for his complex needs, and every room is already piled full with medical materials. After a year of appealing to various charities, medical and government funding Charlie’s family have finally received a grant towards necessary modifications to their home needed to continue in their lives. We are so pleased that Charlie will benefit from our £30k fee giveaway, a thank you for staying at home, project that we didn’t see fit to a better, more deserving family.

Meet Charlie

In this second video, we were able to meet Charlie himself, Ananda, and Darren, where Ananda discusses the challenges Charlie currently faces in his living home environment and as a family. Ananda then went on to explain the musts and desires that their home requires to fulfil Charlie’s needs now and as he grows older.

Sketch Session

In the latest video, Architectural Assistant, Adam Smith holds a sketch session in the recent developments for Charlie’s Project.
Adam discusses Phase 1 of the project, which is focused primarily on a loft conversion in the property, freeing up more space for Charlie to move into his parents room.
His current bedroom only just about caters for his needs now and will shortly become an issue in terms of space and storage that he requires for his equipment as he grows older, so this is the first area of improvement needed.
If you would like to help Charlie, please follow him on Instagram @makecharliesfuturebright and check out his Go Fund Me page.
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