Client charter

Our client charter sets out what you can expect from us and what we need from you

What you can expect from us

We are a values-led practice and enjoy building long-standing relationships with our clients. We do this through maintaining client satisfaction built on the trust that grows from our exceptional standard of work and the professional way we conduct business…….

We’ll work with you to solve problems and take on board your feedback to create exceptional architecture. We’ll explain our ideas clearly and we won’t use jargon.

We’ll provide you with agreed timetables and deadlines and we’ll keep to them. We’ll work hard to respond rapidly, and we’ll always get back to you by the end of the next working day. We’ll keep you updated regularly about the progress of your project.

We are relentless in looking for ways to “raise the bar”. We’re never satisfied with simply “good” and we are constantly looking for more creative designs, a better client experience, and more interesting options.

We are curious, and we’ll always work hard with you to understand your brief, through open and honest discussions. We’ll always challenge third-party advice and information on your behalf to maximise the potential of your project.

We’ll always push hard to maximise your return, regardless of whether this is emotional or financial. Our tenacity, discipline and innovation combine throughout a unique design process to create architecture that acts as a beacon of design locally, regionally, and internationally.

We’ll challenge the status quo of the construction industry to create an exceptional and sustainable building, leaving a legacy you can be proud of.

What we need from you

Great buildings come from great clients and you have the choice to be as involved as you want. We can handle your project on our own and create a great outcome. However, with your collaboration we will be able to create the exceptional. Your collaboration could come in the following ways…..

Get really involved with us from the outset…the more engaged you are the more we’ll understand what you want and the more accurately we’ll be able to draw up your brief.

Trust us to push your brief to its limits! Your initial ideas are a great start and with open collaboration throughout the team they can become exceptional.

So that we can spend more time on your project and less time on the boring financial stuff, make your payments promptly in line with your chosen payment structure.

Come back to us quickly when we ask you for your thoughts. It’ll keep your project timeline on track.

Let us know if you change your mind as soon as it happens so there’s less chance of abortive work that will lead to additional costs.

Share your “experience” with others and give them the opportunity to enjoy our exceptional service.

Give us your honest feedback. We’ll never stop learning, improving, refining……..


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