Re-development of an existing site



Having assessed the site mba* believed there was a good opportunity for the development of the site for a use other than milling.

There was opportunities for operational savings to be made under a different operational and management procedure.

Scroxton & Partners believe redevelopment of the site should be explored and that this redevelopment should be a mixed-use scheme and will be subject to a planning application.

It is advised the immediate works required are undertaken to allow the mill to continue in its current usage, ensuring the asset is still generating an income whilst at the same time the exploration of redevelopment gets underway.

If planning is successful the site could then be sold with planning and the mill usage re-distributed to a nearby site.


Our services were provided to analyse and re-develop an existing mill site.

We analysed the existing site by assessing the condition of the current site facilities and the existing building stock.

We then looked to provide honest advice and options for the issues identified and suggestions to be made based on works require to conduct operations in a safe and productive manner should the mill use be continued.

Additionally, other use for the site was explored to see if it would increase the value of the land.


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