Inaugural Self Build Training Academy by Scroxton & Partners

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Scroxton & Partners were delighted to offer limited spaces on our brand new training course, designed to expand your self-build knowledge and provide you with a support network that will help you successfully transition from dreaming to building the dream-home!

Unfortunately due to Covid-19, and government rules & regulations we decided to put our training weekend on hold until we hear further news from the Government. In the meantime however we are keen to share to exciting details that the weekend entailed and will still be providing a firmed up date for the training academy towards end of spring.

This course is suitable for individuals or couples at any stage of your self-build and home renovation journey.  The course is to provide you with the opportunity to use industry expert in Architecture, Planning and Construction to discuss and review any aspect of your project and support you in your journey.

Our team of industry professionals will take your through the exciting self-builder journey, covering the following programme with you over the 3 days:


Day 1

  1. Introduction
  2. Budget & Finance
  3. Finding, Appraising and Negotiating a Site Purchase
  4. Building the Brief

Day 2

  1. Design Influencers
  2. Design Process
  3. Construction Methods
  4. Procurement & Tendering

Day 3

  1. Preparing to Build
  2. Programming the Build
  3. Site Set-up
  4. Conclusion & Ongoing Support Network

The sessions are to be interactive and encourage participation.  As part of the training you will also be introduced to our 12-month mentoring programme that offers independent project support and project focus and accountability for all participants.  There will be no obligation to enter the mentoring programme.

Keep an eye out for further details to follow and a confirmed rescheduled date in the upcoming weeks.

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